Stage 8

Stage 8 – Bury St Edmunds to Thetford (26.3 km)

The 8th stage of the Camino de Pheasant got under way on the 8/7/2023 with a convoluted journey to Bury by rail from Newmarket after train driver issues caused the original plan to flounder. Tom and Adrian kicked off with a breakfast at Bury Station before proceeding on their way with full backpacks and copious water (or so they thought). After an initial trek through charming Bury the intrepid walkers ended up at a seemingly deserted golf course. Only on traversing the fairways did golfers eventually appear but the dynamic duo were able to scramble across the course unscathed.

A pleasant walk along the River Lark ensued, with the duo finding time to help a jogger with directions only for themselves to get disoriented and had to rely on inspiration rather than orienteering to finally locate Culford. Stopping at regular intervals, the miles slowly ticked by as the landscape morphed from forest to sandy soil. Long stretches with little  variation  made for hard going, especially as the temperature and humidity climbed to unseasonably inclement levels. It was at this juncture that the duo ran out of water.

Missives were now sent to the support team, exhorting them to meet at Thetford with more water. They were also encouraged to meet along the way with supplies. As the sixth hour ticked by, the pheasants (Adrian & Tom) and supply team (Andy & Stu) finally rendezvoused and finished the event off with a pint at the famous Bell pub of Dad’s Army fame. Battered and bruised, the pheasants had succeeded in completing the stage and learnt that for a similar journey twice as much water would be needed as initially thought.