Stage 9

Stage 9 – Thetford to Brandon (16.9 km)

The 9th stage of the Camino de Pheasant took place on the 9/9/2023 and once again started with a drive followed by a train journey. Having learnt from the previous stage, rucksacks were filled with water for this tamer outing. After arriving in the slightly dubious Brandon, Adrian and Tom sneaked onto the Thetford train for a free ride.

Arriving in Thetford, the team stopped for a cheeky bacon roll before getting down to the walk after a quick look at Jones’ van. They soon disappeared into the Thetford countryside, tracking the river towards Santon Downham.

Yet again the sun beat down mercilessly on the two adventurers but the going was easier and spirits were high leaving Santon Downham. It was at this juncture that the pheasants’ path become overgrown with 6ft tall plants and stingers, as the final river path to Brandon became a jungle. While paddleboarders enjoyed the sunny weather on the river, the pheasants were deep in undergrowth hacking a path through and being constantly stung.

Finally, the way cleared and the Brandon river path opened up and became pleasant for the last half a kilometre. After a quick drink in the “interesting” Ram Inn, the pheasants quickly legged it back to the station safe in the knowledge that a second leg was in the bag.